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Ventral Tongue

The Ventral Tongue is a vital area of the mouth. The ventral tongue is a risk area that is very high for carcinoma squamous cell development, especially in those individuals who smoke and others who drink large quantities of alcohol. The ventral tongue is the underside of the tongue which forms a V like structure.

Oral health is much more than just teeth that are dazzling making for a bright smile. Individuals should practice thorough and frequent inspections of the mouth and all the inner linings, including the ventral tongue or underside of the tongue – to make certain no medical problems are hiding somewhere. Although normally no reason for concern, white bumps on the tongue or mouth floor can be indications of conditions that are serious.

Lesions of the skin on the tongue’s underside or the ventral surface may be symptoms of mild oral disorders that are insignificant or they can denote very serious, conditions that are cancerous. Most tongue bumps usually clear up on their own within 7 days. If that does not happen, the individual needs to consult with the dentist or medical professional to have them biopsied.

Skin cancer that is oral is the ultimate problem that is associated with any lesion of the top or ventral area of the tongue. An individual’s odds of having this type disease are significantly higher if a person smokes cigarettes or cigars, use tobacco products that are smokeless or drink alcohol. But, according to some dentists one-fourth of individuals established with oral cancers are not in these risk groups that are high. In fact, some dentists feel that the tongue is a common site for cancer.

Although many problems can cause lesions that are oral and white, only a few cause bumps on the ventral surface and these are: apthous and leukoplakia ulcers, and oral candidiasis. White bumps on the bottom of the tongue – the ventral tongue – can also have significant life-threatening changes in the mouth cells. Early detection and treatment are critical to the prevention of oral cancers that are dangerous.

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