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Swollen Forehead

Swollen Forehead: What causes the forehead to swell? When bumps appear on the forehead as well as swelling is explainable in most cases – but what causes the entire forehead to turn red or to swell is another question all together. Actually there are a number of items that can cause a forehead to swell. Often, the process of elimination may help an individual figure out what is causing it.

If an individual wears a hat, then it possibly could be contact dermatitis caused by a reaction of the body to any irritant that may be found in the hat fabric. Most of the time, this irritant is found in the lining of the hat or cap. When this irritant mixes with sweat and humidity that hats can often produce on the head – it can create an allergic reaction.

If that could be the reason, then take the liner out of the hat for a few days to see what happens with the swollen forehead, then stop wearing the hat totally and see if it clears up then. If it doesn’t, thru the process of elimination, it could be another problem.

The forehead could swell due to sunburn. If the individual spends lots of time out in the sun, then it could be a burn that has cause the redness and swelling of the forehead. Hydrocortisone shots, and Chlorpheniramine Maleate both available from your physician might be effective in treating this situation. It also could be helped by upping the dose of any sunscreen that is used on the forehead or re-apply several times during the day.

Inflamed sinuses or even a migraine may sometimes make the forehead appear swollen. This is another situation that should be discussed with your physician to see if there any medication options that can reduce swelling in these situations. A swollen forehead with pain in the cheeks and around the eyes can be an indication of a sinus infection.

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