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Shattered Cartilage

Shattered Cartilage is cartilage that can break up into several fragments especially in the ear when individuals are getting ears pierced in the upper edge or rim of the ear. This is the area that is made up of cartilage. In fact the majority of the literature is about the problems that can develop with piercing in this area and this is the area that is mostly made out of cartilage.

Shattering of the cartilage in the ear means breaking into very small pieces and it doesn’t happen often but it can and messes up the entire way your ear looks. Cartilage is hard and if too much pressure is applied this increases the risk. So it is advised that ear guns not be used in this area as there is not only the risk of a fracture of the cartilage but also a greater risk of infections. There could be bumps developing in the cartilage close to the piercing. It is best to be pierced using a needle.

There is one other area where shattered cartilage can occur and this is in the knee area. Often a small bit of cartilage will soften and breaks away from a bone’s end, causing long-term knee pain, swelling, and incapacity to lengthen the leg, popping and catching sensations with movement of the knee. Treatment may consist of resting the knee, wearing a cast or in some cases surgery to remove the fragments of cartilage.

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