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Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis

Radial Styloid Tenosynovitis: This is an irritation of the tendons on the side of the thumb and the wrist and is quite painful. An individual with this disorder is very likely to feel pain or discomfort each time the wrist is turned, or every time anything is grasped.

Even though the exact cause of tenosynovitis is not known, any activity that involves repetitive hand or wrist movement can exacerbate this condition. These types of activity include: playing music, cooking, working in the garden, knitting or walking a pet.

The treatment for this condition might range from immobilizing the wrist and taking drugs to surgery in the cases that are most serious. If treatment is begun early, the symptoms generally will improve within 4 to 6 weeks.

If the condition goes very long with no treatment, the pain can spread back into the forearm, farther into the thumb or both. Grasping, pinching and other movements of the thumb and wrist exacerbate the pain.

Symptoms of this disorder consist of: swelling close to the thumb base; pain close to the thumb base; fluid-filled cyst in the region of the pain and swelling; squeaking sound as the tendons attempt to move back and forth thru the inflamed sheaths; and problems moving the wrist or thumb when performing activities that involve grasping and pinching.

When griping, grasping, clenching, pinching or wring anything in the hands two main tendons of the lower thumb and wrist are used. These track side by side starting at the forearm to the wrist on the thumb side. Ordinarily they slide unimpeded thru the tiny tunnel that unites them to the thumb base. With this disorder, the slippery covering of the tendons develops inflammation and this restricts the tendons movements.

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