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Pimple On Scalp

Pimples on the scalp are fairly common but they are painful as well as annoying. There are several causes for pimples on the scalp. Some of these causes include: contact dermatitis caused by allergic reaction on the skin; seborrheic dermatitis fed by excessive scalp oils; viral infection such as shingles or chickenpox; folliculitis which is an infection of the hair shaft; impetigo an infection of the skin; and epidermal or sebaceous cysts. Pimples most often develop when the follicle of the hair is left open due to overly dry scalp. Bacteria and oil then gets trapped inside the hair follicle. The pimples that develop vary in size from small to large and actually are more like cysts. A good deep cleaning shampoo is needed so that the follicles are cleaned well and rid the hair of these trapped bacteria.

Scalp pimples are also a sign of an imbalance in pH levels on the scalp. This is often caused by shampoo as those that have pH levels high, are in product that lacks the ability to cleanse the deep follicle. It is important that the root of the hair get cleansed to remove all built up bacteria.

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