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Pain Under Left Rib

Pain Under Left Rib: There are numerous causes for pain under the ribs on the left side. These may be caused by injuries, some condition underlying, or severe illnesses. The below are some of the more usual reasons for pain in the left area of the rib cage.

Acid reflux or heartburn which is common reasons for pain of the ribs on the left side. Acid reflux might be generated as a consequence of over-eating of foods or drinks that are acidic and usually cause indigestion. This pain is sharp and often mistaken as chest pain.

Spleen rupture or irritation may also cause pain and discomfort under the rib cage on the left. Pain in the shoulder on the left is an additional signs of a ruptured or damaged spleen.

Colon area having gas known as “splenic-flexure syndrome” is extreme quantities of gas confined in the colon and can create pain under the ribcage. Colon gas may generate pain in the upper abdomen on the left or the chest in the lower left.

Costochondritis is a disorder resulting from a cartilage infection that bonds the ribs with the breastbone. This may be caused by a strong impact of the shoulder and rib cage area or caused by an infection that is viral.

Broken ribs are injuries in the left rib cage causing an explosive area of pain in left side under the ribs, particularly when breathing deeply.

Pneumothorax occurs when there is collapse of the lungs due to a rupture in the lung membrane so that the air leaks out into the cavity between the rib cage and the lungs creating pain under the rib areas.

Stomach ulcers can cause a pain under the rib cage on the left and denote ulcers in the stomach. This causes pain that moves up to the shoulder blade area from the rib cage region.

Irritable-bowel syndrome is a disorder that causes abdominal pain, cramps and bloating. It also upsets normal movements of the bowel by causing constipation or diarrhea dependent on the person affected.

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