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Mucopurulent Sputum

Mucopurulent Sputum: Sputum is simply mucus coughed up from the airways that are lower and it is typically used for investigation microbiologically of infections of the respiratory system.

The better sputum cultures have little saliva as this can contaminate the culture with oral bacteria. This incident is evaluated by the clinical microbiologist by inspecting a Gram stain of the sputum. If there are more than 25 cells that are squamous epithelial at low enlargement is a sign of contamination of the sample.

Mucopurulent sputum is a yellow-greenish color sample that suggests treatment with antibiotics might reduce symptoms. Green color is caused by Neutrophi Myelperoxidase.

Mucopurulent sputum is thicker and often stickier than normal sputum. This is due partly to the greater production of mucus that is coupled with pus in the purulent types.

Mucopurulent sputum is a sign of respiratory tract infection, predominantly of the lungs and bronchi – pneumonia or acute bronchitis.

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