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Double Toenail

Double Toenails is a rare condition where an individual is born with a primary nail on their toe as well as a secondary nail located beside or overlapping the primary nail.

This can also be caused by a medical condition where the toenails will split into layers with all the layers continuing to grow.

Toe nails that appear to have two toenails growing – exactly one on top of the other is referred to as “double toenails”. If this is occurring on any of your toenails there is at least one way to proceed.

You could see a podiatrist which is a doctor with a specialty in foot problems. Even if you are not having any problems with your double toenails currently, it would be sensible to obtain information on this detailed disorder and any underlying causes so as to avert any further infections from emerging. It is probably best to do this before the situation becomes difficult to clean and trim/cut the toenails.

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