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Decubitus Angina

Decubitus Angina: Angina – or angina pectoris – is chest pain that is temporary or the sensation of pressure occurring while the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen.

Decubitus angina is simply angina that happens when the individual is in the reclining position or lying down – not only at night – without any cause being apparent. Angina decubitus happens due to gravity redistributing the fluids of the body. This redistribution will make the heart work harder.

Commonly an individual feels angina as an ache or pressure beneath the breastbone or sternum. Individuals often think this sensation is heaviness or discomfort rather than pain. This discomfort might also occur in either arm down the inside, in either shoulder, thru the back and in the jaw, throat or teeth.

In women, the symptoms are often different. Women are most likely to have a sensation of burning or tenderness in the shoulders, jaw, back, or arms.

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