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Conjunctival Suffusion

Conjunctival Suffusion: This is a finding that is ocular and is an early symptom in the infectious disease Leptospira interrogans. This early symptom is categorized by extreme redness of the conjunctiva that looks like conjunctivitis but it does not include inflammatory fluid that is usually seen with this infection.

L. interrogans is a class of Leptospira, which is aerobe and is a spirochete with and is a bacterium with periplasmic flagellum. The two significant pathogens within this species that are infectious include: Icterohaemorrhagiae and Canicola. These both exist in water that is alkaline, soil that is alkaline and may survive under these alkaline conditions for 3 months or even longer. They can also be found in urine.

Leptospirosis has just recently been documented as an infectious disease that is re-emerging and infects animals as well as humans. It has the probability of becoming even more prevalent with the advent of global warming. It is disseminated globally except for some polar regions – but is most often found in the tropics.

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