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Abrasion Chondroplasty

Abrasion Chondroplasty: This is the name of surgery for smoothing and shaving cartilage off the knee. It is normally done as day surgery procedure in those individuals who have surfaces of the bones and knee cap that has been worn or damaged. A simple chondroblasts is used for smoothing where needed by using hand instruments that are small; the loose remains of cartilage are removed. Then the edges and margins may be leveled smoothly removing any loose as well as any unusable fragments of the surface using a shaver that is mechanized. This is a rotatory device small in diameter and motorized and it is introduced into the knee alongside the arthroscopy. Its function is to get rid of any inadequate fronds of front surface which may be the cause of symptoms.

An Abrasion Chondroplasty is done when the front surface has damage that is extensive and where there is exposure of the bone that is underlying. This is treated with a shallow scrape of the surface of the bone by a rotatory 4.5 mm burr. This makes a surface that over the next 6 week will forms on the surface a layer of “scar tissue” that is ancillary for the first layer of articular cartilage. This method is used in very small areas that are damaged but has normally been discovered to not be useful in those areas or those defects that are large. A 6 weeks period of crutch use is needed for the healing and recovery of the surface of this joint. The Abrasion Chondroplasty has mainly been substituted with the “micro-fracture technique”. This method pierces the bone that is exposed with a drill. This causes bleeding of the bone that is underlying but conserves the assembly of the surface of the bone. Remember a period of 6 weeks on crutches is needed to allow for correct healing of the defect following surgery.

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