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Tumors With Teeth and Hair

Tumors With Teeth and Hair : Teratoma is defined as tumors that have hair and teeth. There are teratomas, although rarely happen, that has eyes, torso, hand and feet. The feature of these teratomas resembles an unborn embryo. This type of tumor is believed to be of congenital origin and consist of more than one type of tissue.

Teratomas are also known as dermoid cyst, a mature teratoma that contains a lot of hair. Cancer staging system is used to classify teratomas in order to identify the need for a chemotherapy or radiation therapy I addition to therapy. A benign teratoma is graded 0 or mature teratoma and has the risk to become malignant. Classification is also based on the content of the tumor. Although congenital, some teratomas are diagnosed at a later period. Manifestations of symptoms depend on the location and its origin. An ovarian teratoma will manifest through pain in the abdomen and pelvis. Treatment of this type of tumor is often incision or complete removal of the tumor. Incision or resection is easily done since the tumor is encapsulated and non-invasive. In cases of malignancy, chemotherapy and or radiation therapy follows although in some cases of complexity due to locations, a chemotherapy is given first prior to surgery. It is however, teratomas are classified to be a rare condition.

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