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Nose Cauterization

Nose Cauterization is used with individuals who have frequent bleeds from the nose. It is likely that these nose bleeds are caused by a blood vessel in the nose that is exposed. Even if the nose is not at the time bleeding, it can be cauterized to stop future bleeds. There are several methods of cauterization such as burning the area affected with acid, lasers or hot metal. This procedure is by nature quite painful. Often liquid nitrogen is used instead as it is a less painful alternative, but it is less effective also.

In the several countries that allow the using of cocaine for medical reasons, it is used occasionally topically in order to make the procedure far less uncomfortable; cocaine is not only a local anesthetic but also a vasoconstrictor, making it an ideal substance for the control of nosebleeds.

More modern treatments using silver nitrate, a local anesthetic, is applied making the procedure generally painless. The nose might run for several weeks after the procedure.

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