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Facet Tropism

Facet Tropism: This is a disease of the back that develops when the angle of the facet joints in the vertebrae face a direction that is different than normal. Rather than them going parallel to the feet, they instead are angled out – as if the feet were pointing out. This creates movement that is abnormal and the tear and wear on these joints causes pain in the back.

The facet joints are small joints in a pair towards the back of the vertebra that guides motion of the vertebra.

This condition is a fairly common finding on x-rays. Adjustments by a chiropractor can help along with some precise exercises that keep these muscles and joints moving in a fluid like manner. Weight is an issue that places a significant part in this as well.

There is also the possibility that facet joint arthritis will develop which is common when you have any joints that suffer from wear and tear problems. This is a degenerative process going on in these joints or discs in the back that can worsen as one gets older and cause problems. At this point your physician will need a current up to date MRI to see what condition the spine is in.

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