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Carotid Sinus Reflex

Carotid Sinus Reflex: This is reflexes that cause the widening or dilation of the carotid artery and is also referred to as a carotid bulb signifying the artery swelling at a specific point or near the location on the neck where a person’s collar would normally sit.

The carotid artery entails numerous receptors and nerve endings that are sensitive and which observes pressure. The homeostatic balance and blood pressure level are two main tasks of the carotid sinus reflexes in the carotid artery. Whenever this area becomes over motivated due to pressure or overstimulation this area creates impulses that are transmitted and affects heart beat or bradycardia as well as the normal blood pressure levels. This causes vasodilatation or the increasing in arterial circumference and can result in light headedness, disorientation and dizziness might also occur.

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