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Bulging Eardrum

Bulging Eardrum: There may be several circumstances which would lead to a bulging eardrum. The anatomy of the ears alone makes itself predisposed to suffer from this condition. You may wonder how your eardrum tends to bulge so easily. Before we tackle on the pathology, it is best if we first discuss briefly on its anatomy. Some of us suffer from a bulging eardrum owing to the fact that there’s only a short distance between the back of the throat, the sinus tract and the ears.

Aside from that, ear infection can also be considered another culprit for a bulging eardrum. When there’s an ongoing infection within the ear canal, this gets clogged with pus and other foreign bodies causing it to bulge.

Bulging eardrum is also another major concern for regular air travelers. The eardrum easily bulges due to barotraumas which takes place when you travel by air especially when you have colds and other ear infections. How does barotrauma cause a bulging eardrum? This takes place when there’s an unequal pressure between the air inside the ear and the air in the surrounding. Barotrauma specifically damages the tissues in the ears.

Pain is instantly felt when one has bulging eardrum related to the unequal air pressure. There are ways, however, that you can observe to avoid suffering from this condition. You may choose to use decongestants to relieve the clogging. As with air travelers, they may chew gums or suck some candies while flying. Also, you need to avoid sleeping especially when the plane is about to touchdown.

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