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Acetabular Retroversion

Acetabular Retroversion: While well documented in the literature as an orthopedic problem and as a reason for hip pain that is chronic, this kind of retroversion has not precisely been written about in the radiologic literature so it is often overlooked during hip x-rays. This is a problem that is caused by a specific type of dysplasia of the hip that is categorized by ‚Äúposterolateral orientation‚ÄĚ of the acetabulum that is atypical. This pathology can affect the patient to successive front impingement of the neck of the femur up on the front acetabular margin as well as the labrum fibrous. With no treatment, these cases can advance to damage of the front cartilage and labrum with the ensuing start early of osteoarthritic disease. This type of symptom has been designated as emerging in remoteness as a single problem or as part of an intricate hip dysplasia.

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